Dilek Hanif Haute Couture S/S 2012.

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I want this version for my car

never not reblogging

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If Rick declared that Daryl was his brother, then who is Michonne to Rick’s life? 



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arniearns16: Hii :) I admire how you love both Brick and Bethyl ships. I'd just like to ask if you could recommend some of your favorite Brick & Bethyl fics?


Aw, thank you so much you sweet thing! :) You asked for it. 
Okay, first things first I’m the realest. I’ll hook you up with some Brickness.

[I’m sorry, let me stop.]

  • Definitely check out If Jesus Were The Sherifffirst. It is literally the best Brick fanfic I have ever read. I can’t get enough of it, at all.
  • Breath Of Life by prettyracing is absolutely fantastic. It’s an AU/Non-ZA fanfic that is absolutely to die for. If you love Brick, you can’t get away with not reading it.
  • Safe and Sound by  [milkshakemicrowave] is a really good one. It’s only one chapter for now, but when shipping Brick, you take what you can get. Hopefully she’ll update soon! 
  • Lily and Lullaby by mannana are beautiful works of art. It’s heartwarming and makes you want to cry at the same time. Does that make sense?
  • I’m Here For You by ouat-twd is one that hits you right in the feels. It’s more of a Brickyl with more Beth/Rick. It made my heart hurt. But it’s beautiful.
  • And I little shameless self promo, feel free to check out my Brick fanfic Hanging OnIt’s not the best, but you could always try it out! :)

As far as Bethyl fanfic recs go, the only ones I’m going to recommend to you are my all time faves which is Spiced Molasses and 18 Miles Out by MonDieu666

Because honestly, as far as Bethyl fics go, they’re a dime a dozen. You can find countless Bethyl fics and Bethyl prompts within the tags and there are quite a few really wonderful ones out there! Happy hunting, dear!

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Jack: Nadie toca a MI Elsa.


Elsa: No me molesta, ya que sé que Jack me ama a mi y se me da gracia verlo enojado cuando se encuentra con aquellas imágenes, pero cada quien puede pensar como guste. 


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i think the most painful thing about the Jelsa ship is the simple fact it can’t be canon because of

you know

the studios thing



don’t deny it this is my daily suffering too

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Jelsa: A Thousand Miles
I hold your heart but never you in my arms.
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Elsa: Estaba un día en mi habitación, sola, pensando en que todo sería mejor si yo no estaba… Mis padres habían muerto, Anna estaba desconsolada y yo no podía hacer nada por temor a herirla… La desesperación me estaba invadiendo…. Entonces… Mi ventana se abrió y, ahí, lo vi.


Jack: Yo…

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Jack: La interrogante sería, ¿Qué no veo en ella atractivo?


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I’m giving up on you.

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